The Purpose Of Man ~ poem

The purpose of a man is not his own choice,

he can’t find the answer on his own.

First he must listen to the still small voice

and allow his path to be shown.


No one can tell him ”this you must do,

and this is what you shall be”.

That can only come from the Lord above

as He opens his heart to see.


Mistakes will be made, wrong turns taken

and this is a part of the quest,

but if he remains with faith not shaken

he surely will see God’s best.


What is his purpose and why was he made

are questions that were not his own,

For that was a yearning placed deep in his heart

that the depth of Gods love would be known.

~Jack Coley~

Here is a link to more poetry on this site. Enjoy!

One response to “The Purpose Of Man ~ poem

  1. Reminds me of Pilgrim’s Progress.