~I Am God’s Word~

Some say I am just an expression of an idea, that I have no real effect on people’s lives. Some don’t believe in me at all. I wish they knew me better. I have been misused, misspoken, misinterpreted, and misunderstood; yet I remain faithful and true.

I am far more than mere words, I am Spirit and I am Life. I was there in the beginning. When I was spoken, things were created, and everything in the universe is upheld by me. I am quick and powerful, and sharper than any two-edged sword. I am the spirit of faith, and I am truth.

I am a light unto your path and a lamp unto your feet if you choose to follow me. I am incorruptible seed, and when I am spoken in faith God watches over me to make sure I perform. I do not return void or incomplete but I accomplish that which I was sent to do. I am very pure, unchanging, and holy.

I am forever settled in heaven. I am steadfast and I am at work all the time. I can be trusted and I am never wrong. I am the sword of the Spirit and I am like a hammer, yet I can wash your soul like the purest of water. When I am spoken things are established in your life. I am eternal.

I am sweeter than honey on your lips. When I enter your heart I give light and understanding. If you love me you will have great peace, and nothing shall offend you. I give you wisdom, and I am life to those who find me, and health to all their flesh.

If you love me and keep me in your heart, when you go out, I will lead you; when you sleep I will keep you, and when you awake I will talk with you. When you need instruction I am there to instruct you, when you need correction, I am there to correct you.

I know I can change your life. I am just waiting to be loved, spoken, and believed in. I have every answer to every question that you will ever have. If you would meditate on me day and night, keep me before your eyes and in your mouth, you would make your way prosperous and you would have good success. If I were in your heart in abundance, you would be speaking me all the time.

I am God’S word.



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  1. I tapped you to participate in the Blogathon. Hope you’ll consider doing so. It’s a lot of work, but fun to do as well. Carley