~ Having Faith To Move Your Mountains ~

I am totally convinced that speaking God‘s word consistently WILL bring change to your life. You could not beat it out of me! You have the ability to shape your future with the words that you are speaking today. You should be declaring today the things that you desire tomorrow. If you have mountains in your life that you want removed, do what the bible says; TALK TO IT.

Job 22:28 ~ Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways.

You don’t just establish something overnight, it takes consistency. You must discipline yourself to speak the truth of God’s word on a regular basis. I believe that this is the key to have faith confessions work for you.

Proverbs 18:21 ~ Death and life are in the power of the tongue, And those who love it will eat its fruit.

Your words have power, so don’t forget to keep the power turned up, and not just turned up, but turned up and tuned in on the right channel! The channel of faith, success and blessing, not the channel of doubt, failure and unbelief.

Consistency is the one factor that will always poke a hole right in the devils kingdom, he has no defense against a man or woman who will speak the truth of the word and be consistent. Consistency is a force that can be effective in many ways.

If you make a decision to confess God’s word consistently, and not just “try it” for a few days or a few weeks, you will see the truth of God’s word establish strongholds of faith in your life and God’s power will begin to be evident. To remove the mountains in your life and establish strongholds of truth and a depth of faith that no devil in hell can possibly breach, you MUST lead a lifestyle of speaking God’s word. It is the “Spirit Of Faith” Romans 4:17

To establish truth in your life, you have to keep after it, no matter what you see, and no matter what your situation looks like.

Consistent confession produces the faith to move your mountains.

What Jesus said about the removal of mountains:

Mark 11:23 ~  23 For verily I say unto you, That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, Be thou removed, and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he saith shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith.

According to Jesus, the way to remove mountains is to speak to them. No bulldozer, no dynamite, just that little opening right under your nose, your mouth.

Christians in general, have a misconception of what this verse means, and it sets them up for disappointment a discouragement.

The picture that most believers have in their mind is of  a person walking up to a mountain, standing with feet spread apart, pointing a finger at the mountain, and yelling “be thou removed and cast into the sea in the name of Jesus.” Then the earth shakes, the mountain splits, and with a great explosion is hurled into the sea. Then the person walks away with a little strut in there step and says “now that’s faith folks, and that’s how its done.”

Now, I’m not saying that it cannot happen like that, it has , and it still can. But the truth of the matter is, that for most people, most of the time, after speaking to the mountain, the mountain is still there. This is the point where most Christians lose heart and faint.

Then the devil comes and tells them that “this faith stuff is for the birds. You know it works for brother and sister so and so, but it will never work for you.” And the devil beats them before they ever get started.

Let me paint a different picture for you, one that is a little more realistic.

You walk out your door one morning and you see this huge mountain looming in front of you. You point to the mountain and say with authority “mountain be removed in the name of  Jesus Christ and be cast into the sea!” And the mountain does not move. You get your bible out, you look up half a dozen scriptures that tell you that you HAVE BEEN REDEEMED from this particular mountain and you speak them out loud and declare that you receive that promise from the Lord.

You get up the next morning and you see that the mountain is still there, but you are not moved by what you see because you’re a person of faith and you are standing on the unchangeable authority of the word of God. You speak to the mountain again. “Mountain I said you are removed in the name of Jesus Christ cast into the sea. You are removed from my life according to the word of God.” The mountain doesn’t move. So you go to work and come back and the mountain is still there.

Two months go by and you are speaking to that mountain every day, you’ve posted sticky notes of all the scriptures that you are standing on all over the house and yet you still see no change. Six months go by with you still speaking to that mountain and you don’t see any difference at all.

Then one day your friend stops by and says, “ Did you know that the mountain outside your door is only half the size it was six months ago?” You just smile and keep right on speaking to the mountain every day. A few more weeks go by and you’re coming home from work and you see a bunch of people surveying that mountain so you stop to ask,  “what’s going on?” The surveyor says, “something funny is going on inside this mountain, the ground is shifting and we can’t figure out why.” You just smile and drive away, and that’s when the Lord gives you a song in your heart about the mountain being removed.

So the days roll by and you just keep speaking to that mountain, calling those things that are not manifest as if they are already done, and eventually the mountain erodes away, is washed into the small creeks and then into the bigger rivers, and from the rivers, is washed into the sea.

Welcome to the real world!

Just because you’ve tried faith confessions for six weeks and you don’t see any results, that doesn’t mean that nothing is taking place.

You released creative power the fist time you spoke the word, the creative power that builds faith in the human spirit. The power  to establish a mighty stronghold of faith in your own heart.

Before you see any manifestations in the physical realm, you must first get the word established in your heart. The heart is the first place that you will notice results from confessing truth. Things are always won in the spirit before you see a manifestation in the natural realm.

Proverbs 18:20 ~ 20 A man’s belly shall be satisfied with the fruit of his mouth; and with the increase of his lips shall he be filled.

When Proverbs talks about the belly, its not talking about the place you stuff food in three times a day. Its talking about the core of your being. Its talking about the inner man, the heart, your spirit.

If you can be diligent enough to speak God’s word until your own heart is filled, no devil in hell can keep you from obtaining the promise of God.

Satan wants to do one of two things, to keep you out of faith. He wants to either starve you or poison you. I hate to give Satan any credit, but he has done a fair job of both. I see people all the time that have great potential, they even know the word, but they don’t take the time to keep themselves filled, so they walk around starved in their spirit.

And then I see other folks that are constantly filling themselves, but they fill up on poison, bad doctrine, and half-truths, and they are just as bad, if not worse, than the first bunch.

Hebrews 11:6 ~ But without faith it is impossible to please him: for he that cometh to God must believe that he is, and that he is a rewarder of them that diligently seek him.

What pleases God is faith, plain and simple. And the time that it takes each day to build  faith in your heart, is a small price to pay to please Him.

Just sayin~ JC

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  1. This is a great reminder of the power of our words. We can be so careless with our words. I feel, here in the UK it is acceptable to talk negatively. We are taught to not have ideas above our station! But now I’m doing it! I should be building us up; encouraging us Brits. Looking for the good, the true and the lovely.


  2. This is a great study. I love this statement you made…..”Before you see any manifestations in the physical realm, you must first get the word established in your heart”…….I feel this is the key to unlock the door of Gods blessings in one’s life.

    God bless you as you continue to bless others with your informative bible knowledge and teachings.


    • Thanks Camary1996,
      Yes, having the Word established in your heart is the key to receiving anything from God. Thank you checking out our site and thank you for the comments.
      God bless you,
      Jack and Huayni


  3. You honestly have never dealt with anyone that is bipolar.


    • lilrennygirl,
      Actually, My little brother is “bipolar”, but being bipolar or having ANY other condition does not change the Word of God or how it works. The principles of faith work for anyone. I do acknowledge that if you are the person with that condition, it will definately be more of a challenge to stay in faith and hold fast to the end.
      Thank you for reading the post, and thanks for the comment.
      God bless you and yours,


  4. Lions Lead

    Awesome, I couldn’t agree more, we have so much authority and power in Jesus, if only we used it. Spoke words of affirmation and being more positive. Our words shape our future circumstances as you said. Well done, this piece will bring many to realise the power in the tongue.

    Hope you have a blessed day.


  5. The Big E

    thanks. i needed that. my lack of consistency in faith has had me paralized in fear for 9 years till i let go 4 months ago. now it’s damaged my marriage so i’m possibly facing mt. divorce. my wife’s bipolar and goes back and forth so she won’t tell me what’s going on. keep praying for healing and restoration and focus on the vertial relationship and taking my spiritual medication.
    God Bless,


    • Thanks E,
      We will definately pray for you. In fact just did! Keep the faith.
      This is the victory that overcomes the world. The victory is yours if you don’t quit.
      Bless your family


  6. Greater God implimented changes are taking place now that will make mant people hapy and more not so.


  7. WOW Really awesome post thank you.


  8. Hi Jack, I believe that speaking is good. But it is not the speaking that strengthens our faith. It is the hearing. Hearing the Word- faith comes by hearing. When we hear it enough it bears fruit in our hearts and when it bears fruit in our hearts we speak. But just because someone may not subscribe to or fully embrace ‘word of faith’ does not mean their works are dead.

    My point is that it is not the speaking it is the faith. Otherwise mute people cannot have faith?

    Brother, believing is not receving. Why would you ‘believe’ for something you have already received? When you receive, you go into thanksgiving mode. That is where we need to be. Because IF we BELIEVE our prayer, that God is willing and able to grant them, then we should be thankful right and not still asking?

    I am not suggesting we should not speak the Word. I am just saying we should not put our trust in works (not that you are doing that).

    That is great that you were used to heal someone. A praise report indeed!

    I have a blog titled How Faith Works in February posts.



  9. I think the problem with some is that the put their trust in the action of speaking and not in God. The result is dependent on God’s goodness/faithfulness not our action (speaking)

    If we really BELIEVE something, we don’t have to repeat it. If those prayers were dependent on repetition and speaking, then mute people are exempt.

    If I believe that no weapon formed against me will prosper, I don’t have to speak to them, I would only be giving them place. If the Word is true, God has my back and I need not worry.

    If I speak to something that is the will of God, I only need to speak once. But really, I need not even speak, only believe….and it shall be.

    Speaking the Word is good because our ears need to hear it. The answer comes not from continuous speaking but when we finally believe (receive) what we are saying. That is when we plant the seed and we walk away because He is faithful. Othwerwise we are just dabbling in works.

    If we believe God, we should believe Him the first time and let it go. The only reason we keep repeating is because of doubt. Faith receives, fear “believes.” When we are in the realm of believing, we are not in the realm of receiving.



    • Mitchell,
      Some of what you say is true, however the “spirit of faith” according to Rom:4-17 is “we believe, therefore we speak. You see, speaking God’s Word continually will bring you to the place of faith. His Words are Spirit and Life and that it what it brings to your spirit. How many times have you prayed and NOT got an answer? NO ONE has EVER prayed in faith according to God’s Word and NOT recieved an answer. The key, as you stated, is faith.
      The way to build faith in your spirit is filling it with the Word of God. Faith without works is dead. Speaking God’s Word to reaffirm your faith, strengthen your faith, resist unbelief, and feed your spirit on truth is just one way to add works to your faith. Just like your spirit gives life to your body, God’s Word gives life to your faith. The principles are clear.

      You said: “The only reason we keep repeating is because of doubt. Faith receives, fear “believes.” When we are in the realm of believing, we are not in the realm of receiving.”
      Am I to understand that you never have doubt? That you always receive? You NEVER recieve until you beleive. The realm of beleiving IS the realm of receiving, you can’t have one without the other.
      Cofession is not trying to get God to do something, or misplacing my beleif in God with beleif in my works of speaking the Word. Confession is about filling your heart and mind with the truth so the arriving at the point of beleiving and receiving is easier.

      Four days ago I was wearing my favorite shirt, it says “NEED PRAYER? ASK ME” A man asked for prayer, he had cancer on the bridge of his nose right next to his eye, It was ugly and dark and swollen. I layed hands on him and prayed and cursed the cancer. The spirit of God came on him and his wife both. He was healed. The cancer was no longer dark but the skin was pink. he knew he was healed, his wife knew he was healed, I knew he was healed. I sure was glad that one of my favorite daily confessions is:
      Mark 16:17 ~ I am a believer and in Jesus name I cast out demons, I speak with new tongues. If I touch or consume any deadly thing it will in no way hurt me. I lay hands on the sick and they recover.~
      i told the man he would be healed, He said, “just like that?” I said, “yep, just like that” His eyes lit up and when we prayed God showed himself strong.
      I have great confidence in God because continually fill myself with His truth.

      Besides that, I am not just practicing what I preach, But I preach what I have already practiced and proven. I know the doctrine is sound.
      Joshua 1:8 says “don’t let this book of the law depart from your mouth,….. so you may observe to do ALL that is written in it.” This is not just for Joshua, but for you and I.

      Thank for you comments,
      God bless you.


  10. Powerful post! Very encouraging… it’s good to know that God stands Lord over His word. The very power of the promise is in the promise itself and this is the confidence we have in Him, that while heaven and earth will pass away His word will never pass away.
    Keep writing…very insightful!


  11. “I see people all the time that have great potential, they even know the word, but they don’t take the time to keep themselves filled, so they walk around starved in their spirit.”

    “Man shall not live on bread alone but on every word that proceeds from the mouth of God.” Deut 8:3. Good word. Thank you bro.

    But on another note, I am confused as to why you quoted yourself??????


    • Thanks for the comment, and thanks for catching “quote” mistake. I hadn’t noticed it. Will fix that. Fairly new at the blogging scene, I am catching things all the time that are not right, or not exactly what I wanted to say.
      Thanks again, blessings,


  12. Amazing post. Thank you.


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  14. I really like this! Great blog. I have had a really difficult year, and I have spoke God’s word to all the mountains in my life recently. Only by God’s Word spoken and trusted in, did I get through an evacuation in Japan, giving birth to my baby girl, and going through some natural disasters. Thank you! “With God, all things are possible.”


  15. Love your blog. Thanks for sharing your faith. Connie


    • Thank you Connie,
      I visited your site as well and looks amazing! Will visit again when I have more time. The colors, the layout, the title and theme are great! Not to mention it is FULL of the Word.
      Thank you, and blessing 2U!


  16. Well written. Thank you for being an encouragement.


    • babolnart,
      You are welcome, and I can’t tell you how much your few words mean to my wife and I. You see, the whole purpose of this site is to encourage, so when we see that happen it encourages us to keep on.
      Thank you for your kind words,
      Jack and Wanda


  17. Great post and powerful! We are strong because He is and He lives in us! We are intended to claim His promises and stick with it! He wants us to be and to have “more than we can desire or pray for” and yet we too quickly get distracted, lose our focus or give up. That is not what H commanded us to do.


    • Amen Martha,
      If we don’t lay claim to what has been bought for us, we end up living far below His desire for our life.
      great comments, thanks.
      Bless you,


  18. Excellent post! Greatly encouraging!! It’s easy to believe God because He never lies. If we realize that scriptures aren’t “principles to be applied” rather the Word that transforms then we can truly live like we believe….the righteous shall NEVER be shaken. He who is joined to the Lord is one spirit with Him (1Cor 6:17) and we know that HE never fails…so how can we?
    Bless you!! Keep planting those love-seeds, for love never fails.


  19. so agree. 2 months ago i had a b12 injection. i had no expectations apart from that i dislike needles. a lot. anyway the needle part was fine. the b12 going in was terrible. and i had a bad reaction that made me sick for 2 days. anyway that was 1 of 3. when it came time to have number 2 i was nervous and feeling yucky and thinking how bad the injection would be and how bad the reaction would be. then about 9am in the morning i stopped and thought to myself, i am speaking this badness over myself. i know that words have power, and all i was doing was speaking words of pain and yuckyness! what if i changed my language and expected something different. so i did. and had a much better experience. good lesson to me from God!



    • Amen Fireball,
      I have had to learn that the hard way more than once. I think if we go for days and not catch ourself saying, or about to say the wrong thing, we are not trying that hard. I think we all have room to grow in this area.
      Thanks for the comments,
      god Bless you


  20. My Faith comes from my journey and could not be beaten from me either .. i have alot of study to do and read my bible daily and talk to God and pray all the time .. i know satan had me for many years and the changes i see all the time are wonderful … i would love it if you had the time to read my testimony which is on my page and called ” I’ll try and keep it simple” its not all of what i have experienced but an incredible journey that i only survived with the help of the Lord … i was carried and i know it .. Your words are wonderful and a Joy to my heart .. i see mountains often that and more often than not they are moved for me .. God Bless you and all who read and live by the word 🙂


    • WendyJC,
      Thank you so much, and yes, I will check out your testimony. I love to hear of peoples encounters with God.
      Thanks for your comments and grace and peace be multiplied to you.


  21. Wonderful! Consistency is key 🙂 Your post reminds me of the acronym: PUSH… Pray Until Something Happens. So many times Satan’s lies bring us down and discourage us and in those moments, more than ever, we need to keep pushing, consistently seeking God… consistently speaking His word. Beautiful post! Happy to have found your site today 🙂


    • Thank you Riley, PUSH? Love it! That is a new one on me.
      Consistency is something that I struggle with sometimes. I SOOO see the difference in being consistent as opposed to not being consistent. You are right, the devil will use any tactic he can to keep you from being consistent in seeking God.
      Blessing 2U!


  22. The paper may be still crinkley, but the words are true. I’ liking it!


  23. Praise God. Excellent Post!
    God Bless You,


  24. Nice thoughts. I’ve definitely been walking through areas of this “faith journey” that I never could of imagined. My family is in the process of starting a new church in Philadelphia, PA….day after day of visualizing a dream/vision and sharing it with others…is developing a “whole new layer of faith” to our lives…thanks for you post! And we would appreciate your prayers!


    • Steven,
      Thanks for the comments, I checked out you blog. I am excited that you are planting a church. Quite a challenge, but very rewarding. We will be moving to Anchorage AK next spring to do the same thing. My wife and I will definately pray for you. We use a discipleship program for developing leaders and discipleship within the body. It is called INSTE. Easy to get started and it is relationship based, which I think is the missing link in modern churches.
      God bless you and proser your ways. I pray He brings the right people along side you.


  25. Times are changing for the bteter if I can get this online!


  26. I love how you say that things do not happen over night, that it takes consistency. That is so true. By repeatedly doing the little things that will make your life better, your life changes.