The Mystery of the Golden Censer.

            This is a follow up post to The Seventh Trumpet revealed in detail.   The Lord continues to give me details about near future events. Many of which I do not understand yet. The themes that are constant with all these encounters is the need for humility in the Body of Christ, the urgency to prepare for great tribulation, and a changed perspective on God Himself.

            We are far too familiar with a God we barely know. The revelation of Jesus Christ to the world is at hand and no one is ready for what is coming. Truthfully, no one will be. The mystery of the gospel is being revealed in all its manifold glory and we are privileged to participate.

            I have been seeing glimpses in my spirit of a huge being with what looked like a big bowling ball hanging from a thick short chain. He held the chain a few links from the end in his left hand at about waist level. With his right hand he held up the big ball and was swinging it back and forth. Thick billowing smoke poured off the big ball as he swung it. This image kept bugging me for days. I would see it but it was like looking through some filter that made things blurry and nondescript. Then I was reading over Revelation again and got to Chapter 8:3

Revelation 8:3

 And another angel came and stood at the altar with a golden censer, and he was given much incense to offer with the prayers of all the saints on the golden altar before the throne, and the smoke of the incense, with the prayers of the saints, rose before God from the hand of the angel. Then the angel took the censer and filled it with fire from the altar and threw it on the earth, and there were peals of thunder, rumblings, flashes of lightning, and an earthquake.

            As soon as I read this the Lord gave me understanding that it was this angel I was seeing. I then got a clearer glimpse at this angel, like the filter was off, and he is a big fella! He was thick and wide, heavily muscled, and barefoot. For some reason I noticed he didn’t have a belly button either. As soon as I thought that, I understood that a bellybutton is the mark of the son of man.

            He was dressed only with something around his waist that fell to about mid-thigh. The ball and chain I was seeing was the golden censer. I couldn’t see that it was gold or that it had a hole at the top because of all the smoke pouring off it.

            The angel was standing before the alter and would leave and return. When he returned, he would hold up the smoking censer and the Father would smell it.

         Somehow, I knew that the censer was for specific prayers for the last great outpouring as we call it. Heaven calls it something else, but I have yet to discern what that is. The censer had to be filled until it gave off a specific aroma. Not sure yet what that smell is that God is looking for, but the smell has a name as well. Not sure what that is yet either. He keeps smelling it, testing it, like a chef would taste a dish to see if it is just right. This is what is happening now, as I write this. Then I saw the future.

            God smelled the censer and it was pleasing to Him. He gave the angel a command. The angel stepped up to the alter and dragged the golden censer through the fiery coals on the alter. The censer was now on fire and was no longer smoking. It looked like it was dripping with Lava. With one big swing the angel slung that censer at the earth. When it hit, it exploded into a multitude of little balls of fire that covered the earth. Then the Lord showed me what this means.

          The little fire balls from the exploded censer are specific anointings or mantles. This is not an outpouring of the Spirit as we would understand it and it is not like any “move of God” previously known. These mantles are specifically for the equipping of the Elect. These mantles are the lavish gifts that He pours out on the bride just before she meets the Bridegroom.

         There will be so many of these mantles on the earth that not even half of them will be used or even needed. It is just more of God’s extravagant love poured out for us. Many will pick up a mantle, use it for the purpose God intended, then pick up another. Some will carry many mantles. Each time a person carries a mantle the mystery of the gospel becomes clearer to them. The fire from these mantles reveals the mystery, much like he is doing with prophets right now only much clearer and more precise.

          All these prayers in the censer are being prayed the best we know how as we are shrouded in smoke. The smoke (mystery) keeps getting thicker and deeper, effective prayer gets less and less, and yet with His help we somehow manage to successfully invite Him to His own Son’s wedding. He keeps smelling the invitation (censer) until it has the aroma He likes and then He “RSVP’s” with the mantles. I laughed out loud and cried for joy when He showed me this.

          You have heard the expression, “where there is smoke there is fire?” The Lord showed me that much smoke means the fire is going out, (much mystery) He reminded me of Isaiah 42

“A bruised reed He will not break, and smoking flax He will not quench; He will bring forth justice for truth. He will not fail nor be discouraged, Till He has established justice in the earth; And the coastlands shall wait for His law.”

          Just like I couldn’t tell what the great ball and chain was because of the smoke, the church can’t tell who she is because the fire is going out and the gospel has been shrouded in mystery because of a self-serving gospel. We have all been guilty to some degree. I promise you.

          The church is almost completely unaware of her blindness, but the lights are getting ready to come on!

          One of the constant themes that keeps getting emphasized to me is that none of us understand but a little piece of this great mystery. When God began revealing to me the errors in my beliefs and the doctrines that I was taught and defended for decades, I was so broken. I felt like I had been deceived, and I had. By my own heart. I saw the error, the arrogance in the church and in myself. I began to despise those that taught me and held them responsible for my twisted beliefs. It really turned my world upside down for a few weeks. I almost left the church, almost confronted pastor about it. God restrained me. I am so thankful. I was just being attacked by the enemy.

          I now see that the one issue God was putting His finger on was my own pride. It is the unpardonable sin spoke of in Mathew 12. He has had his finger on that passage for years trying to get me to see. I couldn’t see for the smoke.

          Unless pride is dealt with, we will not be able to function with kingdom authority on the earth and there will be no rewards for any accomplishments for the prideful at the judgement seat of Christ. This is what He meant when He said this sin will not be forgiven in this age or the age to come.

          God actively works against pride, and no matter how glorious our accomplishments for the Kingdom, if we don’t sanctify Him during those accomplishments in the sight of people, we will be lightly esteemed in His sight. This is what happened to Moses. It prevented him from entering the promised land on earth. It’s what keeps us from entering the Kingdom of God. Oh, we are citizens of the Kingdom, but we must view it from afar.

          When the Lord showed me the mystery of the seventh trumpet it hit me. All three doctrines, pre, mid, and post-trib positions are all wrong. I realized how prideful I was. I saw that man’s need to be “right” can make him miss righteousness by a country mile. I saw that when I am conscious of the failings and sins of others that there are things in my own heart that are not right. The smoke gets really thick! So thick that I can look into the mirror of God’s word and not be able to see myself clearly. Pride puts a smoke screen on the mystery of who we are in Christ.

          We can no longer allow ourselves to stumble over what people are “not.” We must celebrate who God created them to be and teach them to embrace that reality. We can’t do it with finger pointing and blame shifting. Only loving God and people with our life and sharing the truth of who He is will set people free, and we can’t even do that unless He helps us with it.

It is our journey, but it is His work.

We must relinquish our right to say no to Him.

We must lay our God given sovereignty at His feet.

We can do nothing of ourselves.


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