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Reflections of Righteousness (poem)


I look in the mirror and what do I see?

The answer has always been illusive to me.

I see all my failures and mistakes that I’ve made,

And then I remember the price Jesus paid.


My past He has covered, and though it seems strange

He died on the cross for a wondrous exchange.

My sins He did bare when I had naught to give,

He gave me His righteousness that through Him I’d live.


My struggle to see past the person I’ve been

Is now a fight that I know I can win.

He’s done all the work, this I perceive,

All that is left is for me to believe.

~Jack Coley~

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~Character~ (poem)



You must maintain your strength of character

to make right choices in life,

For tests will come when you least expect it

to tempt you to get into strife.

When troubles arise and choices get tough,

decisions are made on the spot.

Surely you’ll see when it comes to character

it is better to have it than not.

Strength of character is not just an item

that can be purchased right off the shelf.

It comes from years of doing what is right

and constantly dying to self.

Our example for character is the Lord Jesus Christ

our life should model His

For you cannot study for a test of character,

it will show up as a pop quiz.

~Jack Coley~

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The Purpose Of Man ~ poem

The purpose of a man is not his own choice,

he can’t find the answer on his own.

First he must listen to the still small voice

and allow his path to be shown.


No one can tell him ”this you must do,

and this is what you shall be”.

That can only come from the Lord above

as He opens his heart to see.


Mistakes will be made, wrong turns taken

and this is a part of the quest,

but if he remains with faith not shaken

he surely will see God’s best.


What is his purpose and why was he made

are questions that were not his own,

For that was a yearning placed deep in his heart

that the depth of Gods love would be known.

~Jack Coley~

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~ Imagine ~ (a little Holy Ghost poetry)

Imagine being born into a world of decay,

Surrounded on all sides by sin,

Then imagine discovering your purpose to be

All the worlds souls to win.

Imagine growing up into an awareness

Of being chosen by God above,

To lay down your life for all of mankind,

All in the name of Love.

Imagine having power to walk on the water

Or power to turn it to wine,

Then imagine you laying your hands on the sick

And restoring sight to the blind.

Imagine seeing people and you look past their faces

To the very depths of their heart,

Not seeing them through a fallen worlds eyes

But as Gods very own work of art.

Imagine being crucified and numbered with thieves

Even though you’ve committed no wrong,

To pay the price for all of mankind

That they may live all eternity long.

Imagine you conquering death, hell and grave

And ascending to a heavenly throne,

Now every human being that calls on your name

God can call them His own

by Jack Coley @ truthpressure.com

~ This Walk Of Faith ~ poem

This walk of faith is not as easy

As some would like to admit.

The daily struggle to do what is right

And to keep your candle lit.


Although it is hard and sometimes painful

And it feels like you’re all alone.

The efforts you make are never unnoticed

By the One who sits on the throne.


If its strength that you need, wisdom or grace

To help you get through your day,

He’s ready, willing, and able to help

If all you would do is pray.

~Jack Coley~

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~ Snow Day ~ poem


Stuck in the house with snow on the ground,

It stormed all night and its still coming down.

The temperature dropped to 20 below,

The pot bellied stove has a nice orange glow.


We sit around waiting for the storm to unwind,

As stir crazy children drive us out of our mind.

We really weren’t thinking when the cocoa was made,

That caffeine and kids could be trouble in spades.


So next time it snows and we’re all stuck inside

With three crazy kids with eyes opened wide,

We’ll make better choices about what we shall serve,

So three crazy kids are not on my last nerve.