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You are a Sluggard if…

What is a Sluggard?

Sluggard is defined by the Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary as an habitually lazy person. *A few synonyms for sluggard are lazybones, deadbeat, do-nothing, drone, idler, lay about, loafer, lotus-eater, slouch, slug, slugabed, and couch potato.

Do you know anybody that fits this description? Shhhh! Don’t tell!

If you are not wise with your time you will find out how quick time flies. Observe the tiny ants and learn. Be a person with initiative, be a self-starter, and don’t waste time.

Start, finish, and do things right because time flies when you are not wise.


Proverbs 6:6-11

Go to the ant, you sluggard; consider her ways and be wise!–Which, having no chief, overseer, or ruler, Provides her food in the summer and gathers her supplies in the harvest. How long will you sleep, O sluggard?

When will you arise out of your sleep? Yet a little sleep, a little slumber, a little folding of the hands to lie down and sleep–So will your poverty come like a robber or one who travels [with slowly but surely approaching steps] and your want like an armed man [making you helpless].

Warnings for Sluggards or Lazy Peeps !!!!!

The Book of Proverbs is filled with wisdom concerning laziness and warnings to the lazy person. (Sorry but no easy links for these verses. This time you will have to actually use your Bible. ) 🙂

A lazy peep hates work.~ Proverbs 21:25

A lazy peep loves sleep.~ Proverbs26:14

A lazy peep gives excuses.~ Proverbs 26:13

A lazy peep wastes time and energy.~ Proverbs 18:9

A lazy peep believes he is wise.~ Proverbs 26:16

The Book of Proverbs also tells us the end in store for the lazy peep:

A lazy peep becomes a servant or debtor. ~Proverbs 12:24

A lazy peep’s future is bleak.~ Proverbs 20:4

A lazy peep will come to poverty.~ Proverbs 13:4


Ants are good team players, each doing their part always working together for the benefit of all.

You are wise as an ant if…

you understand your gifts and work within your specific abilities.

-you don’t need to have an overseer pushing you each day to get your tasks done.

-you can work with others.

-you are single focused when needed.

-you can help and share with others.

-you take rest seriously.

-you understand and respect timing.

-you are self motivated.

-you are creative.

-you are not lazy!

Go to the ant consider her ways, learn, and be wise!!


“Common sense is not so common.”

Make hay while the sun shines – that’s smart; go fishing during harvest- that’s stupid. Proverbs. 10:5


Even with a funny twist from the Message Bible, it is still a great truth! Everything we do should be done in wisdom.  Sometimes wisdom is spelled common sense.

Common sense => sound practical judgment- an internal sense, consists of what people… in common would agree on: that which they “sense” as their common natural understanding -sound judgment- good reasoning -ability to make sensible decisions.

If any lack wisdom, PROVERBS is a great place to start. Just ASK! God will open all the truths of this book for you to understand and follow.

Then you will understand what is right and just
and fair—every good path.
For wisdom will enter your heart,
and knowledge will be pleasant to your soul.
Discretion will protect you,
and understanding will guard you. Proverbs 2:9-11